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Film & Video

Bethia Beadman
Directed by Mason Jar
Rosélie Records

Bitter Weather

shot on 35 mm

Bitter Weather utilizes non-linear narrative, montage imagery, original music, and animation for a hallucinogenic, mythical film experience. Told in 8 short chapters, this story unfolds as 4 characters in parallel universes connect through dreamscape, artwork, advertisement and science.

A Wife

A Wife is a non-linear video invoking imagery and ideas from “Stepford Wives,” social constructs of feminine identities, Martha Stewart mania, and murder.

Soup Is Good Food

Soup is Good Food appears to be a parody of the way mainstream commercial advertisement misrepresents the ideal of the American family. But on a closer look Soup is Good Food preys on the oedipal triangle that haunts the dynamics of the “family.”


Passion is a bright radiant exploding mess.