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Le Peepe Show
75 marshmallow peeps, cloth, glue, markers, wood, paint, fishing line, mirror, motor, music box, glitter.
Le Peepe display case:                        36” x 36” x 49”
3 floating platforms:                        7” diameter x 55”height
Collectable Carrying Cases. . . only $19.95
6 birch and mahogany wood boxes, velvet, resin, photo, brass
16’ x 5’ x 2’
5 birch cases stained with a deep, rich Victorian mahogany finish.  The Peepe display case is carved mahogany.  These cases open to reveal plush, red velvet lining the interiors.  On the lids – inlaid, sealed inside clear resin coating – are beautiful images in a clever code that denote the contents within.